My name is Sophie and I'm a photographer based in beautiful Sydney, Australia. I love everything about life, weddings, travel & food so it's felt really natural to want to document everything about these categories through the art of photography. I am so incredibly appreciative that I've found my passion and what I feel is my purpose in life, I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with capturing beautiful photos. 

I'm married to my favourite person of all time, George, and we have the cutest pup ever called Winston. I love a good cup of coffee &/or tea, beautifully crisp mornings, golden afternoon light, lazy days spent cooking a new recipe, American country music, the English countryside, Nicolas Sparks books + movies, having lunch outside in dappled sunlight, wine (of all kinds), the mountains, the beach, watching sport (especially cricket, rugby & NFL), skiing (!), cheese (of all kinds), super rainy days when I have nowhere to be, reading cookbooks & bon appetit mag, taking Winston to the dog beach, listening to podcasts while editing photos, sunrises & sunsets........the list could really go on forever but I'll stop it here haha.

Life is pure magic!