Brand New Blog!


This is pretty exciting! After neglecting The Littlest Things for too many months, yet still craving a space to share life + work beyond social media, I've decided to start a brand new blog and it feels really good!

This is a quest to simplify. The Littlest Things started to feel too cluttered with so many changes in all the old formatting, it made me never prioritise posting. So my hopes for this space is to keep it pretty simple with a good balance of sharing work posts as well as life posts. 

I've reposted a couple of recent(ish) blog posts from TLT over onto here mainly because this template didn't look so good with only a couple posts up haha. For the meantime, I've decided to keep TLT up as an archive because at the moment I can't even imagine being able to take it down -- there's so many memories there. It might eventually come down (who want's to pay for a subscription fee for a site they no longer use haha) but not just yet :)

Woo! I'm excited :) here's to fresh starts!