The Lane


{this post was originally posted on The Littlest Things on June 14, 2016.}


Since the beginning of this month I've had my own The Lane portfolio up on their site which has been really fun & exciting (check it out here).

Advertising/marketing is an ever changing world which can make it super overwhelming. I can certainly say I get so overwhelmed with it, particularly online marketing as it becomes more and more saturated every day. There's just soo much content out there now, waiting to be consumed. I truly love it because without it, I can nearly guarantee that I wouldn't be a photographer! However, it does come with it's own set of challenges and the main one being; how do I get people to stumbled upon my work & website. 

Now being on The Lane as part of their Brands We Love section, my hope is to get my name out there as a wedding photographer while being aligned with a realllllllllyyyy cool wedding inspiration website/brand. It's been so so so much fun transitioning into wedding photography - weddings are just so beautiful and I'm really happy I kind of believe in myself more to shoot them :)

I'm also really excited to be photographing people more so if you're looking for some lovely family photos then I would love  to shoot them.


Alsooooo, as I'm married to my beautiful British gentleman all our family from his side live in England. That means we're always planning trips back to the UK and I would love to shoot weddings/families/engagement sessions etc etc when I'm there :)