Three Weeks In Bali


August 2016


Back in August, George changed companies which gave him five weeks of 'gardening leave'. We instantly jumped on Google Maps and looked at all of our most desired travel options. Our criteria was; long trip (3 weeks minimum), a tropical destination & ideally a place that has a good mix of relaxation & adventure. It came down to Hawaii + Bali. Bali won in the end because we would have only have been able to go to Hawaii for about 5 days on the same budget we went to Bali on in 3 weeks haha! 

We had the best time ever! We stayed in five different places all around the island; Seminyak, Ubud, Nusa Lembongan, Jimbaran & Canggu and they were all amazing! It was so insane how many restaurant/bar/cafe/beach club recommendations we got before going - my list was 34 places long and we got to 28 of them. I've shared all of them below, divided up into each area.



Seminyak is the tourist hub of Bali which makes it super busy. While this can sometimes become a bit much, it also means that you'll find some of the most amazing food + restaurant scene. George and I said it was like having a bunch of Sydney's best cafe's & restaurants all in one tiny little area. We loved it! It was such a great place to start our Bali trip as there was so much going on and we weren't at that part of our holiday where you just want to sit back and do nothing haha.

Here's where we went/what we did:



Our next place was Ubud. The traffic getting up there from Seminyak was intense, so I would 100% recommend staying up there for a night or two. We did 3 nights but thought 2 would have been perfect, although we did get thoroughly rained out while we were there - so it did limit us on activities. Ubud has a lot less of a cafe/restaurant scene than Seminyak but it seemed to have more things to see & do. 

Here's our Ubud list:


Nusa Lembongan

Such a highlight! We had 4 nights on Nusa Lembongan and never wanted to leave. It is such a relaxing part of Bali and is so breathtakingly beautiful! This was the only place we felt save enough to hire scooters and it was so much fun (although, I did have a pretty sketchy crash on the last day - all thanks to the dirt roads & tight corners, the bike slide out from under me. Lucky I just got some scratches and bruises!). We stayed at Sunset Garden which was just sublime. I would only ever stay there whenever we go back to Nusa Lembongan - it was so lovely!

By this point of our trip, we were already craving some pure relaxation time so we didn't adventure as much as we might have had it been our first place. When we go back, I definitely want to go fishing, snorkelling & paddle boarding! 

Here's what we got up to/where we ate:



We had one of our best days ever while in Jimbaran (at Sundara Beach Club...we loved it!) but the main reason we stayed in Jimbaran was to be closer to Uluwatu. I absolutely loved the vibes down in Uluwatu. It's way chiller than everywhere else on the mainland and it's so insanely beautiful. However, it's super isolated and we weren't confident enough to scooter around all the hills and crazy roads so we had the sweetest driver ever take us around Uluwatu and it was perfect. 

George got super sick while in Jimbaran so we took it slow for a our last couple of days there which meant we didn't get to some of the places we wanted to go but here's our Jimbaran/Uluwatu list:



Our final place! Unfortunately, with George slowly recovering from being insanely sick, we didn't get to enjoy Canggu as much as we hoped. We stayed at Kalapa Boutique Resort which was super gorgeous & relaxing but the location was a little too inconvenient. 

While our stay in Canggu was tainted by sickness, I did absolutely love this part of Bali and would definitely rent out a villa here next time! It has beautiful restaurants/bars & cafes like Seminyak but has a way more chilled & beautiful vibe to it. Here's what we got up to:


Have you been to Bali? I'd love to know your favourite places if you've been :)