Dog Beach Adventures


Winston couldn't be happier that the weather is getting increasingly warmer with every passing week. George and I unintentionally turned this dog into the biggest water obsessed being when we innocently started to let him go for little swims in the pool when he was a puppy. Now, as soon as it's at least 20c and sunny, he is scratching at the pool door like crazy to be allowed to go for a swim. 

However, his favourite (and our favourite) water adventures are ones by the beach. Even though Sydney has a billion beaches, it's pretty hard to find beaches that aren't prohibited for dogs. Most of the dog friendly places are bays or lagoons but they are still so much fun and Winston has fallen in love with some particular great spots of recent times.

If you're Sydney based and have a pup and looking for some summertime adventure spots that you can bring your dog along, our faves are; North Curl Curl Lagoon, Manly Lagoon, Clifton Gardens (weekdays all day, weekends before 9am and after 4pm) and of course Bayview (the original hot spot). Then, if you want to risk the potential fines of taking them on proper beaches, Turimetta beach is such a fun option because it's always deserted, during the week anyway, and all the dunes along Narrabeen beach are amazing too. It's worth the risk :)