Moments of In-Between


It's mad that we're already nearing towards the end of November. As with every year, when it's nearing the end, it brings moments of reflection. For me, the past couple of weeks have been pretty quiet in regards to work which can cause some anxiety. However, with quite a bit locked down for the remainder of the year & throughout next year, it's allowed for some (semi) relaxing downtime.

I used to be able to enjoy downtime way more naturally. Now, however, it just makes me feel guilty haha. That being said, these past couple of weeks have actually been fundamental. I've not been awfully productive or energetic but, in a way, that's what has been so great about them. With this beautiful weather, there's been many trips to the beach with Winston, mid-week lunch dates with my brother or my Grandma, solo window shopping trips, mood-boarding, journalling & reflecting. 

I feel like these past couple of weeks have allowed me to take a step back and regather for a big year coming up. And while I always love to acknowledge and appreciate the exact moment I'm in, I'm very much looking forward to what's to come.