It's Beginning to Look a lot like Summer


We've had such a great welcome to summer over the past few days & weeks. This is such an amazing time in Sydney and while I love it so so much, I do also suffer from a little 'winter Christmas FOMO'!

However, while Sydney might lack some of the traditional over-the-top festiveness that is so magical, it does give you days like this so who can complain haha. For December this year, I plan on getting super on board with the amazingness that is Christmas in the summer. It's going to be a good one :)

Onto these photos...they're from yesterday and Friday along the coastline from Dee Why down to Manly! I took Winston for the adventure on Friday morning but only did South Dee Why to South Curl Curl as it was so hot. The nature walk between Dee Why & Curl Curl was soo beautiful, I couldn't believe I'd never done. I instantly thought of coming back the next day for a morning walk with my mum and we extended it down to Manly and finished with a beautiful brunch at Fika Swedish Kitchen! It's days like this that it's hard to miss a winter Christmas! 


A little side note, but I am so so proud of my mum! She's lost nearly 22kg since July and is absolutely killing it. It's so much fun getting out and about with her and it's so inspiring seeing her prioritising her health and fitness! She's the best!