Everyday Inspirations | Video #1


A little goal for this year is to document more simple moments through video. Of course I have an insane obsession with documenting through photos which I love but video can take memories to the next level and I feel I'll really appreciate these mini home movies in years to come.

The idea is to focus on the super simple moments that can be overlooked yet beautifully breathtaking & inspiring when noticed. I'm currently really inspired by the idea of gratitude, appreciation, enthusiasm and passion for life and have been making sure I remember to take snippets of video in the moments when I feel all those things.

When I've experimented with making videos in the past, I've always overwhelmed myself with trying to capture everything and anything so I ended up taking a billion years to edit or don't make it at all. This time I made sure to keep it really simple and it was so much easier to put it together. It makes me excited to share more of these mini movies over the year :)

Music: Storybook by Analog Heart