New Apartment, New Neighbourhood

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Our 'pet-friendly beach pad' on the northern beaches

At the beginning of last month we moved into our little beachside apartment and it has been the funnest change of all time! We started looking for places in the northern beaches the second we landed back in Sydney after our trip to the UK in July/August and this place was the second one we looked at. I was obsessed with the location of it (across the road from the beach and a short stroll away from the lake) and was hoping it was going to be just as nice as it looked in the listing photos. It was even better - we loved it the second we walked in and were so happy when we found out we got it. 

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We've been so incredibly lucky to have been living with my parents & brother Eddy (the best housemates in the world) for the past few years, but as soon as we found out I was pregnant we knew that it would be a priority for us to move into our own place before our baby boy joins us.

At the beginning of our moving out discussions we had three areas of Sydney that we could see ourselves living in; the lower north shore, the inner west & the northern beaches - all amazing areas of this beautiful city with pros & cons for each. But as the year went on, we kept feeling like the northern beaches would be our ideal place to bring up a family and to live the lifestyle we love & feel most inspired by so it was the only area we looked in. We're so so happy we moved here; it's the perfect place for us, even if the commuting isn't as convenient for George (he's gone from a 25 min train trip to a 55 min bus trip) he says it's worth it. 


Funnily/strangely enough, Winston has been struggling with the move the most. He of course is in love with the constant outings to new dog parks & beaches, but going from a big house with a backyard & pool to an apartment has been a bigger adjustment for him than we anticipated. He reacts to every noise and finds it hard to settle in the apartment, especially at nighttime. He's getting slightly better but I will often find him hiding under our bed or pacing around the place. When I have to leave him on his own, I set up my old laptop as a monitor and link it to this app on my phone and it has been so helpful in putting my mind at ease when I'm out. We're hoping it's a bit of a drawn out reaction to all the change that has been happening so will see how we go.


The most fun part about moving has been all the apartment & nursery decorating. My obsession for interiors, art, design & decor has grown exponentially - it's a little crazy to be honest haha. I plan to eventually share more about decorating our place & the baby nursery in their own seperate posts so more on this will come later, so in the meantime, here's where I'm spending all my free time haha.


Even though we used to be very frequent visitors to the northern beaches prior, it feels really different actually living here. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing, the smell of the ocean at night, strolling down to the beach early in the mornings or late in the evenings - I don't think I'll ever grow tired of these things. I feel so appreciative and cannot wait to share more about bringing up a family here.