Perth, WA


This time last week George and I were on the west coast having the absolute best time ever! G has been desperate to visit Perth (& Western Australia in general) for so long, so when I got an enquiry to shoot a wedding over there, it felt like the perfect opportunity to also turn it into a little holiday together. We flew over last Thursday morning and stayed until Sunday which was a perfect amount of time to adventure around the beautiful city and beyond. 

With a lot of places to see on the east coast, it can be easy to overlook venturing over to the west side of the country - (especially since flights to places like NZ are actually way cheaper than flying to Perth) but oh my goodness we loved every single second of being there. George and I kept saying that we could actually see ourselves living there if we didn't think Sydney was the perfect spot for us. The city is so beautiful - so clean and open with wide footpaths, spacious parks & everything is relatively easy to get to (unlike Sydney). We couldn't believe how chiller everyone was - from their super friendly nature to their very relaxed driving habits (Perth made Sydney drivers look like crazy European drivers in comparison haha)! We just loved everything about it - even the quietness, there was enough of a buzz around everywhere we went that it didn't feel remote, which is what Perth can be criticized for. We're already scheming up ways to get back there asap!

See below for all the photo (& video) highlights of our weekend and then a full list of our favourites :) 


See above for the video version of our weekend :)

We flew Virgin and loved it. The flight took 5 hours on the way on 4 hours on the way back.

1. The ridiculously gorgeous water at Rottnest Island | 2 + 5. Sunset on Cottesloe Beach | 3. Selfies on Cottesloe Beach | 4. View of the city from The Standard.

The city is so gorgeous. This is looking at it from Elizabeth Quay, King St & Northbridge area.

1. Rottnest Island again - this was Little Salmon Bay which was our favourite part of the island. | 2. Endless sunshine + bougainvillea in Perth. | 3. Georgie on Rottnest. | 4. Pre-dinner drinks & snacks at The Standard. | 5. Cottesloe sunset. | 6. Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle (AKA 'Freo').

Kerry & Hayden. Such a beautiful couple - can't wait to share more of their gorgeous wedding!

1. Cottesloe again :) | 2. The Alex Hotel - we really want to stay here next time | 3. Sprinklers at Elizabeth Quay - that whole area is so incredible for kids! | 4. Long Chim!! Best dinner spot ever.

Exploring around Rottnest Island was the biggest highlight of the weekend. I'm obsessed with bike riding so it was my absolute dream come true cycling around all the beautiful beaches.

1. Sunset selfies. | 2. Downtown Fremantle - such an adorable town! | 3. Kerry looking like an absolute goddess. | 4. Sunset over the city.

Scenes from an absolutely delicious lunch at Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle.

1. View of the city from Kings Park | 2. Georgie on Cottesloe Beach | 3. Joe's Fish Shack in Fremantle - we didn't eat here but it reminded me of the cute coastal towns in America | 4. A guy fishing at sunset :) | 5. Breakfast at Tiisch in the CBD. | 6. Fremantle marina area.

Scenes from Rottnest, King's Park & Fremantle. Three major highlights from our weekend.

There are so many great places to eat out at in Perth! We loved our dinner at Long Chim, lunch at Isle of Voyage & breakfast at Bib & Tucker. So many more places we want to go when we visit again!

1. The perfection that is 'Rotto'! | 2. George being the funniest bike rider in the world! He was using the highest gears to get himself up the hills - I couldn't work out why he was so puffed out so quickly haha! Then I realised he had been using the gears backwards haha! | 3. George relaxing at sunset after a long day of bike riding haha. 

If I lived on the west coast I think I'd have to go to the beach for every single sunset! So much easier then waking up for sunrises over the beach haha!

Thank you for the best time ever Perth! We loved visiting so much and cannot wait to come back again!

Here's what we did:

  • Stayed at Riverview on Mount Street which is a great hotel in a perfect location but next time we really want to stay at Alex Hotel which looked amazing but is double the price of Riverview.
  • Lunch at Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle
  • Explored around 'Freo' by foot - such a cute town!
  • Spent the afternoon at Cottesloe Beach.
  • Drinks at The Standard
  • Dinner at Long Chim - this is a Perth must!
  • Breakfast at Tiisch
  • Explored around the city by foot
  • Lunch at Isle of Voyage at Elizabeth Quay
  • Breakfast at Bib & Tucker in North Freo
  • Took the Rottnest Express over to Rottnest Island - so worth the day trip, even if you're only in Perth for a couple days because the ferry only takes 30 mins. 
  • Hired bikes at Pedal & Flipper on Rottnest Island and cycled around all day. Favourite spot was Little Salmon Bay.
  • Had a light lunch at Hotel Rottnest.
  • Went back to Cottesloe Beach to watch the sunset and have sunset drinks & light dinner at Cottesloe Beach Hotel (we were planning to have dinner elsewhere but ended up being too tired). 
  • Breakfast at Sayers Sister
  • Strolled around the beautiful King's Park before driving back to the airport.