Life Lately


Feb 24th - march 22nd

The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. It's involved 3 out of 4 weekends away (twice to the Hunter Valley for friends' weddings and once to Boomerang Beach for a getaway with friends), three mid-week weddings (with another coming tomorrow) and lots & lots & lots of rain. I'm never usually one to whinge about the rain because I truly love it, but this month it's really irritated me because so many things have had to have been rescheduled because of it. Thanks to all the rain, I'm going to really appreciate the sun when it comes back out properly :)

Among all the weekends away & the weddings, I've been spending my days trying to catch up on as much editing as possible. As this is my first proper wedding 'season' it's been quite a challenge of how to attack it all. In the past, I've shot a wedding and then been able to edit them all well before the next wedding because there was such a big gap. Now each wedding seems to pop up out of nowhere before I've had a chance to finish the one before it. I'm love it so so so much though and I'm so happy I pursued this direction with photography :)

At the beginning of the wedding, and at the end of the wedding haha.

April is also going to be a super whirlwind month as I'll be shooting 5 weddings with one down in Thredbo and two doubles! I'm so excited for all of them. George, Eddy & I will be making a long weekend of the Thredbo one and are going down from the Friday - Monday so we cannot wait! 

The boys! Husband, dad & brother. What a team!

And...Winny; the best dog in the universe.