Thredbo, NSW


A couple of weekends ago, George, Eddy & I adventured down to Thredbo, NSW for the perfect outdoorsy getaway. The main reason we were there was because I was photographing a beautiful wedding in the area. When I told the boys where the wedding will be, they made sure we turned it into a long weekend trip. We left on the Friday morning and came back on the Monday evening. It was such a fantastic weekend & made me fall even more in love with Thredbo & the whole area in general.

Video scenes from an amazing autumn weekend spent down in the Snowy Mountains region of NSW. See more of my videos here.

The drive down

We left home just before 6am so we could make the most of the day down in Jindabyne & Thredbo. It's around a 5h 15min drive to Jindy, but we got held up with a big road closure and had a couple breaks on the way so we arrived at around 12.45pm, just in time for lunch at Sundance Bakery (where George used to work when we did a season down there in 2010 haha). Even with the big detour, it was such a smooth drive and such a gorgeous morning. It felt so amazing driving into Jindabyne and wondering around the little town before making our way onto Thredbo.

Arriving in Thredbo

There's no better feeling than driving back into Thredbo Village after a long hiatus away from the place. I've only every visited Thredbo once outside of winter and that was for school camp back in 2005 so it felt so refreshing seeing the place in a completely different season. It still had a beautiful crispness to the air and was pretty cold compared to Sydney but it was so funny to look up at the mountain and not see a skerrick of snow.

We stayed at Lantern Apartments and absolutely loved it. Because it was quiet season, there was hardly anyone staying there so we had the incredible communal balcony all to ourselves with the bests views over the mountain. Even if it was super busy we would have loved it, the rooms are super spacious and it's in a great location (although you do have to walk up a shit-load of stairs that we named the "death stairs"...worth it though for the view).

We had a general wander around the village and checked out the bottom of Kosi chairlift area which is taken over by the mountain bikers in the summer months. We had an early dinner at T-Bar restaurant (an old favourite village restaurant of ours but I wouldn't recommend going there in the off-season, the menu was much worse than usual peak season) before heading back to our apartment to chill out with some beers and wines. Pure perfection! 

The next day I was heading off to shoot the wedding so we had super relaxed morning wandering around the village, a delicious breakfast at Central Road 2625 and then scrumptious hot chocolates at Avalanche Cafe. While I was at the wedding, the boys hiked up the Merritts Nature Track which they said was amazing (I walked down it the following day and kind of glad I didn't hike up it as was hard enough walking down it haha).

Sarah + Ramone

I shot Sarah & Ramones gorgeous wedding at Pender Lea. It was the most perfect day and I am so insanely excited to edit the photos. The weather was out-of-this-world and they're just the lovliest couple ever - the best reason to make a trip down to the snowy mountains! 

The appetisers at the wedding looked soo good I had to sneak a taste & a quick iPhone photo. So delicious!



Climbing mount Kosciuszko

The following day we got up early to hike Mt Kosi but as we pulled back our blinds we were greeted to a huge layer of fog blanketing the whole village. We decided to wait it out just a little bit to see if it would clear but with no change after an hour we decided to just go for it anyway. So glad we did because five minutes into the hike we had walked through all the fog and popped out into blue skies & sunshine. What a treat! It was such an incredible day! We started at about 9.30am and reached the top about 2 hours later. It was so good for the soul and my new favourite thing to do after shooting a wedding. The outdoors, my favourite place ever!

For the wedding I hired an ultra wide angle lens to help show off the stunning landscapes so I took my big camera up with me for the hike too which means I took so many photos! Here's the huge batch of favourites:

The descent

After an absolutely delicious lunch at Eagles Nest (I completely forgot to take any photos as we were soo hungry that I couldn't focus on anything other than eating haha) we decided to walk down the Merritts Nature Track instead of catching the chairlift back down. It was so cool to go from huge landscapes to then be back down walking through the trees and along trials that we've only ever seen as ski runs. We made it back down for around 3.30pm and headed straight to the pub to watch the Waratahs game before ordering the best takeaway pizzas back to our place for a super chilled night resting up our muscles. 

We'll be back again soon

On our last morning we woke to drizzling rain through the village which felt so nice and cosy after a big hiking day. We packed up and headed back to Jindy for a super delicious brunch at Birchwood Cafe - the best way to end our visit to the region. And then it was back home to Sydney! Such a memorable weekend in one of our favourite places in the world!