And So The Best Adventure Yet Begins | The First Trimester

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We're having a baby!

Due November 2017

Planning + FINDing out

I am so incredibly excited that to share that George and I are expecting our first baby due mid-November. It's been a week since I posted about it on Instagram but I've been really wanting to share in a little more detail on here. 

At the end of January this year, George and I made the decision to start trying and as soon as we made that decision I of course wanted to be pregnant right that second. However, knowing that it can take a while (and we've both always had a fear of it taking a while to fall pregnant) I tried hard to not put too much pressure on myself.

I've always had a spookishly regular cycle so it was easy to plan but in that 'two week wait' before your body has produced enough HCG for a pregnancy test to detect it, I convinced myself I was just experiencing normal PSM symptoms and was sure the test was going to come back negative. I really wanted to be at least a day late to give the test as much chance as possible to come back positive but George was so keen to know so he got me out of bed at 4.50am the day after my period was due haha. The test we used took about 3 minutes for it to produce a result and I just kept saying to George that it was going to come back negative. But then.....


Thursday 9th march 4:52am

The most exciting way to start the day!

We quickly rang George's family in England to share the news with them first as they couldn't be here in person. We then told Eddy and told him to keep it a secret from Mum & Dad until we were all home together that night. Because we had told Eddy that morning, we got him to film the moment we shared the news with my parents. I've included the video below. 

I had a couple days of feeling so insanely excited but it quickly turned to worry and anxiety about everything being ok and trying not to get my hopes up too much. That anxiety continued until George and I went for an early dating scan at 8 weeks. It was the best feeling in the worst getting to see the baby for the first time and get told that everything was progressing perfectly. I've still had days where I've felt overly anxious since then, but it's been nothing compared to how I was feeling from weeks 5-8.

Some days during those early weeks I could hardly concentrate or focus on anything else but the baby so it made keeping on top of work really difficult. I made sure to try and get out of the house as much as possible and not read any forums or google anything. We still told friends and family who we came into contact with as George and I are both so bad at keeping things a secret and even though I was nervous, it felt so good to share such wonderful news with our closest friends & family. 


I was so lucky to go through most of the first trimester with very mild symptoms. And while that was amazing, it was actually one of main reasons why I was nervous. Now looking back on it, I definitely had symptoms, just not the ones you hear about as much, so while I didn't get any morning sickness I definitely struggled with exhaustion and the foggiest brain. However, I didn't feel like I'd need many naps, it was more like I just wanted to do nothing haha. 

Other symptoms were; a really weird dull pain in my tailbone (I had no idea that was a symptom of early pregnancy so thought I'd injured myself somehow), way way way more emotional & hormonal than usual, mild cramping, mild headaches, sore-ish breasts, and needing to pee more than usual. 


The food cravings were so funny. I've been letting myself have mini indulgences but still maintaining a 90% healthy diet. I'm obsessed with having weet-bix with honey for breakfast every day. Honey has actually been the best in helping me not indulge in too many processed sugar treats. I normally crave savoury over sweet but I've been having a couple intense cravings for chocolate and have been indulging in them from time to time (like today's delicious choc chip cookie). 

I've also been craving kids-style cheese haha. Cheese slices & The Laughing Cow cheese triangles have been so delicious and make me feel like I'm not missing out on all the delicious soft cheeses I can't eat. Fruit & popcorn have been my favourite snacks. 

I really thought I'd miss wine & alcohol in general but I've found it surprisingly easy not to drink. The hardest has been having to limit my caffeine intake and having to order decaf or herbal tea when I'm out at cafes. At home I'll have one or two super weak coffees a day with a couple weak teas too, but I really miss having multiple strong flat whites a day haha. 

Seafood is something that I'm really not that interested in eating at the moment but hopefully that doesn't last too long because I couldn't imagine never eating seafood again - it's usually my absolute favourite.

today - 15 weeks, 1 day

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The first baby bump shot! I'm really looking forward to documenting this super exciting time in our lives - I've been taking some video over the past couple weeks and my plan is to share a couple vlogs throughout my pregnancy too!

This really has been the most exciting (and nerve-wracking) adventure ever so far - it feels like we've entered into a whole new world. My favourite thing ever has been picturing George becoming a dad - it makes me tear up instantly.

Also! At 10 weeks we found out what we are having and did a little gender reveal at home! I wanted to share straight away but I feel like it deserves it's own post so check back early next week. I had an inkling the whole time and was right :) I'm so excited to share!