We're Having A...

This was the most exciting morning ever! George and I had always known we wanted to find out if we were having a boy or girl during pregnancy. I'm so impressed with people who can wait the nine months keeping it surprise, I wish I could because I can just imagine how incredible that feeling would be when your tiny baby is handed to you for the first time. 

However, I am also really glad we found out. It feels so nice to be able to picture, a little bit, what our life will be like come November. It definitely makes it feel more real.

We found out really early from doing the Harmony blood test that you can take from 10 weeks onwards. The main reason for the blood test is to detect if there are any chromosomal issues (like down syndrome), the fact that you can find out the gender is an added bonus. We had to wait over a week for the results to come back because of Anzac Day being a public holiday. They rang me at around 5pm on Monday 1st May and said all the results came back negative for any issues (phew) and that the gender results would be at reception from 8am the next day. It was like the night before Christmas for George and I, we could hardly stand the anticipation haha! 

We got up early and went straight to pick up the envelope before heading to a party shop for the balloon. Because it was so early, we had to wait about 45 minutes until it opened so we went and got coffee while we waited...it was soooo tempting to open the envelope when we were sitting at the cafe but we held off and finally the party shop opened. We gave the lovely lady the envelope and then had to wait outside for 30 minutes while they filled up the balloon with blue streamers haha! The drive back home also seemed to take forever because were being super cautious so it wouldn't pop. 

And then as soon as we got home, we popped our balloon!! I had the biggest inkling from the get-go that we were having a boy but it felt amazing to know for certain. I'm so so excited to be a boy mum and have a mini George running around! I'm looking for all of the advice from mums with boys, I think I'm sure I'm going to need it! 

P.s How funny is Russells cameo in the background with his hilarious cone on his head, the poor pup! He's all better now :)