Last Friday was my 28th birthday! We celebrated by road tripping out to Orange for a weekend of wine tasting (planned this weekend before finding out I was pregnant haha), delicious food, exploring the countryside & cosy afternoons by the fire. I'm excited to share more about Orange in another post to come soon.

Birthdays are just the best. Not for the presents or the birthday wishes or the cake...for the reason that it is the biggest privilege in the world to grow another year older. I feel like there's so much negativity & anxiety around growing up and ageing which I have never understood. Growing older means you're alive!

While 28 is still considered 'young', it's no longer in the young 20's age bracket where you can get away with doing whatever you like (within reason haha). Late 20's start to bring on a whole new world of responsibility like marriage, babies, buying a house, paying bills, careers etc etc etc. While this is certainly scary sometimes - mainly because a lot of the time I still feel like a child myself - I can't look past the fact that it is such a blessing (cringing so bad at how cliche I sound haha). From the daily reminders we get from the news, I'm just so aware that being alive isn't guaranteed and so birthdays should always be celebrated, no matter how old we're turning.

I'm not necessarily at where I thought I would be when planning my life in my young 20s but I think that is what makes life so amazing - the reality is often a million times better than the dreams! And I've never been more excited for what a year will hold...next year I'll be celebrating my last year of my 20s with a baby boy!!  

I feel like this post has been spurred on by an abundance of pregnancy hormones haha but hopefully it comes across as coherent. Sending you so much love xxxx