Orange, NSW

Orange is somewhere both George and I have been dying to visit for ages. It's a beautiful country town about 4 hours away from Sydney and has amazing wineries so we knew we would love it. Back sometime in December/January when we were planning out our mini getaway adventures for the year, I knew I wanted to go away somewhere cosy for my birthday weekend. My birthday always falls around the June long weekend so it's perfect for a celebratory getaway and Orange was the first place we thought of going. We invited the whole family along and mum & I got to planning on where to stay. 

Our Place

We booked this gorgeous airbnb for our stay and loved it. It's in such a perfect location, is so beautifully decorated and has a fireplace (the must-have when we were searching) so it couldn't have been better for our 3 night stay. We made sure we got lots of time to relax by the fire with a jigsaw puzzle, drink beautiful local wines (non-alcoholic cider for me haha) and watch the rugby. Because the place was so lovely to relax in, on our second day we went crazy at Harris Farm and got so many afternoon snacks before ordering takeaway pizza for dinner - currently this sounds like my perfect night haha. 

Birthday dinner

There's some beautiful fine dining restaurants in Orange that are at the top of pretty much every guide to the area. At first I was really wanting to go Racine or Lolli Redini for a birthday treat but to me those restaurant experiences are about the wine just as much as the food and I knew I would have felt some fomo by not being able to join in haha. I'm so happy we decided to go to Fiorinis - we had the best time and the homestyle Italian food was so delicious. Perfect spot for birthday celebrations!

The wineries

When we booked the weekend, I wasn't pregnant and hadn't even thought about the possibility of being pregnant so a wine tasting weekend sounded like the best idea ever haha. Even though I wasn't tasting any wine, I just love visiting wineries & cellar doors. They're places where you will always find incredibly passionate and inspiring people who are chasing their dream so what could be better than that! Plus you're surrounded by gorgeous scenery & if you're lucky there could even be a petting zoo (!!) like at Heifer Station (our favourite place). Also, it was so convenient that I could be the designated driver as all the wineries are quite spaced out from each other and you definitely need a car or driver for adventuring around. If we were all drinking, it would have been difficult to decide who had to keep track of how much they were having as we all like to get super into our tastings haha. 

Here's all the wineries we visited:

  • Bloodwood 
  • Ross Hill (loved this place!)
  • Heifer Station (our favourite - we signed up to the wine club)
  • Philip Shaw (best cellar door!)
  • De Salis (also loved this place so much, we also signed up to this wine club - I'll have lots of wine to drink when the baby is born haha)

Everything else we did

While the wineries are one of the main attractions of the area, we also loved everything else we did while in Orange. On the Saturday morning we visited the Orange Farmers Market which only happen once a month so we were lucky that our weekend coincided with this months market. We didn't actually buy anything when we were there because we of course forgot to get any cash out and none of the stalls accepted card, but we all absolutely love just visited farmers markets to soak up the local atmosphere :) 

Byng Street Cafe was one of our favourite spots. It's right next door to where we stayed (and owned by the same guy who owns the airbnb) so we started our mornings with takeaway coffees from there and had a delicious breakfast one morning there too. Such great busy morning vibes in there too - everyone seems to love it!

We drove out to visit the cutest little town, Millthorpe, which is about 20 minutes from Orange. It's got some beautiful homeware & antique stores as well as a couple little spots for lunch or afternoon tea. We went to the Old Mill Cafe for some cakes & coffee which was lovely, yet definitely expect super slow country service haha. 

For our last night in Orange, we went to The Union Bank for dinner which we loved! It's also such a great spot for a wine at their wine bar and would be so lovely in the summer months sitting out in the gorgeous courtyard. 

We left after breakfast at The Agrestic Grocer on the Monday morning and headed back home to pick up the dogs from their own weekend away at Pet Resorts haha - that's the best thing about coming home, getting to be reunited with Winny! But even if we can't take the dogs with us, country winter weekends away are so good for the soul!