Twenty Weeks

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20 weeks

with baby boy Thompson!

My gosh it feels good to be writing this post! Thinking back to the early weeks of pregnancy, I would look to the 20 week mark as one of the ultimate milestones and it felt like it was so.far.away! Yet, here we are and it feels like it's gone by so so fast. I've been so wanting to share this time through a little bit of vlogging, so you can see my 20 week vlog below. I took a lot of video during the first trimester too and have finally uploaded it to YouTube so you can watch it here :)


Some of this is covered in the vlog but here are some notes I've jotted down about being halfway through:

  • The bump is coming along slowly but surely. I feel like it's bigger at different times during the day and then somehow hides itself. I've bought one pair of maternity jeans and they are so so comfy, but other than that I fit into my usual clothes - especially since it's winter because I'm mainly just wearing big jumpers every day. I'm really looking forward to the day when I have a genuine bump and look legitimately pregnant without having to inform people that I am (like when I was getting my flu shot yesterday). I feel like it won't be a couple weeks until it properly pops so I'm trying to appreciate these last weeks of feeling somewhat normal physically.
  • I forgot to mention this in the video but I've been feeling kicks! I think they must have started around 17 weeks or so but I couldn't be 100% sure it was the baby as they just felt like air bubbles (or something like that) in my tummy. Now, they definitely feel more kick-like and they are just super super cute. He seems to be more active at night as I only feel a couple during the day but heaps at nighttime. I cannot wait until George gets to feel them!
  • I'm still super tired a lot of the time and am finding it so hard to pull myself out of bed in the morning. I set my alarm for 7am every morning but don't get out of bed until around 7.30-7.40am and it feels super indulgent. Some mornings I feel quite guilty about it because it seems to make my mornings a lot slower and I find myself not getting started on work until around 9-9.30am whereas I would previously love to start work at 8am (if I wasn't out and about). I've always been intrigued by peoples morning routines and love the idea of starting off my days really energetically but at the moment it feels so impossible haha (sound so dramatic). While I do feel guilty about being a bit lazy, I'm also really trying to appreciate the fact that I can sleep in to 7.30am if I feel I need to because I know in a couple months I won't have that luxury thanks to sleepless nights with a newborn haha. 
17 weeks, 6 days

17 weeks, 6 days

  • Cravings have pretty much subsided but I'm still finding it hard to resist indulging in a couple treats here and there, I'm getting better compared to first trimester though. I still have weetbix with honey for breakfast every morning - not because I crave it anymore but because I wake up really hungry it's so quick and easy that I just have it every morning. Currently absolutely loving snacking on the delicious mandarins and clementines that are in season at the moment. I also have at lease 1/2-1 avocado a day because it fills me up so much - I have it on rice cakes with some sea salt, pepper, lemon juice and some cherry tomatoes and it's so easy, delicious, simple and filling that I always find myself making it for lunch/snacks. I find it hard to find quick and healthy lunches when I'm out and about as most salad bars are off limits so I usually get something a little unhealthy or pick some fruit up from a supermarket. Really missing casual lunches of sushi or salads! 
  • I've been a bit inconsistent with working out/staying active. When I'm having a big editing day for work, I find it really hard to pull myself away from the computer when I'm in a good working rhythm. I've preferred to have 2-3 days a week where I'm really active (e.g. going for 1.5-2hr walk along the beaches) and then having other days where I can fully focus on work. However, once I've fully caught up on my work deadlines, my aim is to definitely be more consistent and pack in about 30 mins of activity every day. I've downloaded this app for some great home workouts and have been using it from time to time and love it.
  • Last Friday we had our 19/20 week scan and it was our favourite scan so far. It blew our minds how big our baby boy has gotten and his little profile is just so incredible adorable. We had a scan at 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 11 weeks (with OB) 13 weeks, 17 weeks (with OB) & then our 19 week one. My mum didn't have ONE scan when she was pregnant with me and then again with my brother and I seriously don't know how she coped with it haha. I absolutely love love love getting to see our little baby on that screen - it's the best feeling ever. The rest of our scans will be whenever we have appointments with our obstetrician rather than going to Sydney Ultrasound as I'm pretty sure the 19 week scan is the last big & long one. Our next OB appointment is on 10th July and I'm already really looking forward to it! 
  • I'm not sure if this is because of pregnancy but I have become really obsessed with skincare & beauty products! I am the BIGGEST rookie when it comes to this! It's embarrassing to admit but I usually just use face wipes as a cleanser & wing it when it comes to makeup (though I did start using Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation about a year ago and it did change my world in regards to base layers!!). NOW, however, I have THREE cleansers, a toner, a serum, an eye-cream and two moisturisers. This has all happened in the last two weeks or so after researching products for hours haha! I have to say that it feels so good and definitely helps me to feel more energised throughout the day. Also, I'm pretty sure it was time to start giving a shit about it all haha! 
Mum & I had a beautiful day enjoying lunch & facials at Gillian Adams!

Mum & I had a beautiful day enjoying lunch & facials at Gillian Adams!

George drinking my share of wine at a recent beautiful dinner at Biota haha!

George drinking my share of wine at a recent beautiful dinner at Biota haha!

  • In just under two weeks time, I'm flying to London by myself and I'm feeling quite anxious about it. George is flying over a week after me as he couldn't take a much time off work. We booked our flights well before knowing I was pregnant as at the time I felt like I wanted extra time over in London. If we were to book them now, I would definitely prefer to just fly together. The main cause of anxiety is the idea of leaving Winston for 4 weeks! Sounds so so pathetic I know! But it's definitely the thing I find the hardest about going away as I can't communicate with him and tell him what's happening haha. Also, I think because of the baby coming this November, I'm even more attached to my little furry sidekick as his world is just going to be changed forever (along with ours haha) soon! I'm SOOOO excited to be in London though! Once I'm there, I know I will be so happy we arranged for me to have extra time there. Living out of your comfort zone is tiring sometimes haha. 
  • We purchased our first 'practical' baby purchases this week! We've been going a little nuts with the clothes & toys but hadn't made any big purchases. There's some great sales on at the moment so we got the Ergobaby carrier & this rocking chair for the nursery. I'm already dreaming about late night feeds rocking away in the chair with my little boy. Next purchases will be the pram & the cot + bassinet!
Testing out our new rocking chair!

Testing out our new rocking chair!

  • I'm starting to think about labour a little more and it weirdly really excites me. Mainly the moment we get to meet our little boy (I'm tearing up just thinking about that moment). When it comes to a birthing plan, I'm trying to be as relaxed about it all as possible - I know it's not in the mother's control, as much as we would love it to be. My mum had to have an emergency c-section with me (and then an elected c-section with my brother) and that wasn't her birth plan so I've always known it won't necessarily go the way you want it to. I just keep thinking that as long as he's born healthy, that is all that matters to me - it's my birth experience but it's his life. I will definitely be saying yes to all the drugs though haha! 
  • My emotions are still so much more intense than usual but my overall mood has mostly been really positive. I'm so so so soooo looking forward to George and I becoming parents. I might kick myself for saying this when in the thick of the foggy newborn days but I'm so crazily excited for everything that comes with motherhood - even for the sleepless nights and overwhelming emotions that I know that will come with becoming a mother for the first time. I just feel so ready. 

That ended up being a massive post - who knew pregnancy could create so many talking points haha. Thank you so much for reading and if you have any tips for the remainder of the second trimester & third trimester then I would love to hear :) Happy Friday!